Little Serow

_¿¿¿ Q: What do you get when you cross an ox with a serow? A: A delicious beer pairing !!!_
Thursday, June 4, we'll offer an (optional) all-Oxbow pairing x $55. Guest star Greg Jasgur of Oxbow Brewing.

Week of May 26, 2015

nam prik narohk
snakehead fish / tamarind / shrimp paste

tom saep gapi
shrimp / mushroom / sawtooth

som tom fak maeo
chayote / bla ra / cured egg

laap gai chiang mai
chicken / offal / lanna spices

tow hu thouk
tofu / cilantro root / peanut

yum pla duk
catfish / lemongrass / chili jam

si krong muu
pork ribs / mekhong whiskey / dill